Putting the reception needle inside violator’s mouth, and roaming him above a donkey, “the latest method of ISIS in punishing whom having a receiver”

Special Euphrates Post: ISIS began a raiding and inspection campaign of houses, searching for a satellite reception device, after their security commanders informing regulation that a huge number of civilians still having a receiver devices.

Euphrates Post published this news befor a few days and here’s the details:

“Hisba apparatus” unit of control and inspection inside the regulation, began an arresting and inspection operations among civilians houses, to search for satellite reception devices, where the punishment of anyone who caught with a receiver device, is 100.000 SP, but if it’s not the first time the amount raising to be 400.000 SP, in addition to defamation him, where the regulation personnel butting the needle of receiver device inside violator’s mouth, and imposing him to shouting in the names of the tv channels like Mbc, Al Arabya or other channels after Forcing him also to ride a donkey and roaming in his village or street, several of inhumanity insulting cases by ISIS members had been documented in DeirEzzor.

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