IA landing operation on ISIS controlled areas in Kubar

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post Yesterday afternoon six warplanes of the International Alliance made a military landing operation, nearby Al Kubar station in the western countryside of DeirEzzor, one of the most important sites of ISIS regulation in the region, and the last point of ISIS in the province boarders. In the details that six Helicopter planes came from the desert side, and then achieved Al Kubar station and its surroundings, where two planes flew for 10 minutes before it landed in the region, then the Internation soldiers clashed with the regulation’s fighters, they killed some of them and arrested the other some. In another side the regulations forces tried to support them fighters but the other four protection warplanes prevented that, the warplanes also targetted another “Van”car and a “Pick up car” in the surroundings of the region and destroyed it completly. There no certain numbers about the regulation’s detainees or the dead fighters after this operation, because the region was fully circumfluent with intense overflights by the scouting planes. Noteworthy that the International Alliance adsorbed their raids on buildings and markets in the region during the last days, using the air raids and heavy machine guns, which caused more than 60 victim, most of them was from the oil merchants whom came to the province to buy oil and then distributing it in another provinces.

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