Caliphate’s State, Justic is a mood and Jungle Law Fait Accompli

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A civilian in one of Shuaitat villages, ran over a small girl (by mistake) from Iraqi nationality on the main road, and the girl died immediately.

ISIS regulation arrested this man and sent him to the court there in Myadein city, then the judge said that the adjudication is paying an amount of money, “Diya” in Islamic legitimacy is paying a value of 100 Camel to the perants of the child.

The guilty man presented a “mercy request” to the court, and after several hearings the judge fined him of paying “30 thousand $” equivalent “15 million Syrian Pound”.

On the other hand an aside in the last year Euphrates Post documented a commission of running over a child in Shuaitat region by “Iraqi fighter” from ISIS regulation in Nabbaei neighborhood nearby Abu Hamaam village, the fighter wearer didn’t even stoped to rescue the dead child, and when the perants went to the court of ISIS, the judge said that the accident was “Predestination”.

Noteworthy that the regulation don’t punish their members of commiting any mistake while they punishes any civilian from locals when they commiting any simple mistake “as the Islamic legitimacy says” as they claims.

Especially in Shuaitat region which full of Iraqi refugees whom regaining special treatment except locals, where the regulation allowed some of their Iraqi supporters to install an internet devices, and prohibited locals except commensurate with

 regulation’s security vision in the region

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