ISIS arrests opponents, and prepares for anew “Visible version”

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

Two weeks ago a vehicle belongs to ISIS Hisba of the style “Van” had been burned in Al Hajjana region in front of Al Emaan Mosque, on the road to Jamieyat nieghborhood, which known as a gathering place of ISIS fighters and other security commanders.

Euphrates Post correspondent confirmed that the operation began concurrently with the “Fajer prayer” in the city, and also confirmed that the car wasn’t carrying anyone.

After putting out the fire a patrol of security commanders and their police closed all the roads, also they’ve raided the nearby houses and arrested a large number of civilians randomly.

In the next day they also raided internet cafes and arrested almost 5 persons, and after several days exactly yesterday, ISIS camera appeared among civilians with the detainees from Bukamal city whom: “Mahmoud Amer Al Sabbar 20 years old” and “Fahad Al Raied 17 years old”.

Where the regulation filmed the detainees while they was burning a car written on it “Hisba Apparatus” as if they filming the an acting for what happened in the night of burning their car.

Seems that the charge is ready to those local detainees and their judgment is so close, also their visible version is ready.

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