Relationship Between ISIS and Regime, Grain Silos Best proof

Exclusive Euphrates Post

Special sources of (Euphrates Post) confirmed that ISIS regulation sold three days ago a huge amount of wheat grains from the region of (10 Km on the road to Hassaka) sold it to the merchant “Hussam Al Katirji” ome of the biggest merchants in Syria nowadays, “Al Katirji” also one of the economic influential people between the controlled areas of each Regime forces and ISIS regulation, the regulation facilitate the passage of his cars in exchange of paying so-called “Zakah vouchers”.

Our same source confirmed that this Halapi merchant “Member of parliament” has a special stores full of all the kinds of materials (Cement, iron and some other food goods) which considered a materials could be for easy trading between the both sides of conflict, and that store as the informer in Myadein city and Hatla village.

Noteworthy the the relationship between ISIS and Regime forces didn’t stopped previously and the best proof, the crude oil which transfered frequently from DeirEzzor towards the controlled areas of Regime forces in Homs.

In the same context the national defence militias brought a food goods from the river crossing of Jneana towards the besieged neighborhoods in coordination with ISIS regulation almost daily, and selling it in the black market with fictional prices, and there’s a news talking about th return of serves to this river crossing “Publicly” soon

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