In DeirEzzor, Corrupt minister “commends” his partner.

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

“Abdullah AlGharby” minister of ential trading of Regime government, sent “Thanks Card” for the so-called “Muhamed Nasser Sulaiman” who nicknamed as “Abu Saied” one of the biggest war merchants in the besieged neighborhoods in DeirEzzor province.

Sure sources of Euphrates Post said that: the minister “Gharby” has a partnership relation with “Abu Saied”, where the last was helping in droping the food goods using Ushen shipping planes above the besieged neighborhoods, for the material benefit, and thid thanks card was a kind of covering by official administrator on the practices of those war merchants, whom exploiting besieged civilians in the neighborhoods of (Jura, Qusour and Harabish).

As for talking back about the thanking card, (Minister of Regime Government) admits: that his government absence about what happening in those neighborhoods, and leaving whom there under the power of those merchantes, and one of them “Abu Saied”.

Noteworthy that all of the officials and the military officers in the besieged neighborhoods working to trading in civilians distiny, and exploiting them in everything, where every one of those officials took a field to practice a kind of trading, like general brigadier “Daas Daas” (Head of the State Security Branch) who detained the fuels trading to himself, and selling it at expensive prices to besiegers.

It is worth mentioning that the blood dealers, including Muhammad Nasser Suleiman, are working freely and with absolute protection from the head of the security committee in the Eastern Region, Maj. Gen. Mowafaq Asaad.

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