landing operations by International Alliance warplanes DeirEzzor

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

Yesterday “sonday”, exactly at 6:20 pm o’clock, the International Alliance warplanes began a landing operations in several sites in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor province, and those landing operations targeted a main fortification points of ISIS regulation.

Where the Alliance helicopters executed 4 landings after a fire coverage by other warplanes and scouting planes, and according to our correspondent:

-The first landing: in the surrounding of “Teas Hammar” in “Hasrat desert” in Bukamal countryside.

-The second landing: in “Salheya” surroundings nearby garage, close to the fuel station in the countryside of Bukamal.

-The Third landing: in “Gharaneaj desert” near to Jazeera region.

-The fourth landing: in the surroundings of “Muaizela” in Myadein desert.

Then ISIS regulation sent a military reinforcements towards those points, and imposed a curfew in the surrounding residential areas, while a car burned of the style “Van” during the second landing in Salheya surrounding, and no shelling or huge blasts or injuries among civilians were recorded in the targeted regions.

Our correspondent also said that ISIS regulation sent another military reinforcements towards the oilfields of Jafra, Tnek and Koniko gasfield in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor, while the regulation put a dozens of the temporary barriers in the cities of Ashara, Shuaitat and Bukamal, with its surroundings, after locals heared about the landing on-going operations.

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