Under Charges of welcoming DSF, ISIS executes 10 civilians

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

ISIS regulation executed two days ago 10 civilians of “Jazrat Melaj” village which controlled by Democratic Syria Forces in AlKubar region, also in Raqqa countryside under the charge of “Welcoming DSF”.

In the details, a correspondent for the Euphrates Post network from Deir Ezzor reported that: the regulation executed seven of the accused with knives on the main roundabout in al-Kubar and other villages in the western suburbs of Deir al-Zour. The other three were also executed in the surroundings of Ma’adan town under his control in rural Raqqa.

The source added that the regulation executed all accused on charges of welcoming the militias of the Democratic Syria forces and their appearance during the videos posted on social networking sites, during the control of “Qsd” on the village.

The source pointed out that the regulation had arrested the defendants through sneking operations to the village of the Jazrat Mellaj in two batches, the last of which was the arrest of three of them during a sequence carried out by a group of fighters of the organization a week ago

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Democratic forces had taken control a month ago on the village of the Jazrat Mellaj in the western countryside of DeirEzzor, during the fourth phase of the campaign of anger of the Euphrates launched by “DSF” with the support of the International Coalition.

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