Death of several fighters of ISIS, during IA landing in Bukamal.

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

International Alliance forces executed two days ago military landing operation nearby “Sayaal” town in Bukamal in DeirEzzor eastern countryside, within ISIS controlled regions in the province.

In the details Euphrates Post correspondent in Bukamal city that: the landing operation targeted ISIS headquarter in Saffa company nearby Sayaal in Bukamal countryside, then clashes between the two sides lasted for 2 hours, led to the death and injured several fighters of the regulation, adds to 2 vehicles for ISIS was on the nearby road.

The sources said also that the region recorded a wide alert among the regulation ranks, and spreading roadblocks, then the regulation brought military reinforcements towards the targeted places, among discreetly of ISIS about the results of the operation and losses.

Noteworthy that the Alliance forces executed similar operation in the middle of the last month, which resulted capturing 12 member in Um Salaba region nearby Bukamal in DeirEzzor eastern countryside.

It was preceded by three air landing operations last April on sites of the ISIS regulation east of DeirEzzor city eastern Syria, one in Mayadin desert, targeting the Tanf station, the other at the regulation’s site in Granije and the latter in the area of the Muaizla dam.

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