ISIS announced Maskana as a “Military region” after Regime approached.


“Exclusive” Euphrates Post


ISIS regulation announced “Maskana” city under their controlled region in Aleppo eastern countryside, announced it as a military region, due to a approaching of Regime forces from the western countryside towards the city.


A civil source inside the city confirmed to EP that “Hisba” apparatus of ISIS announced by speakers that all the locals should evacuate the city and leave towards the regulation controlled regions in the nearby desert and the eastern countryside, after annunceing the city as a miltary region due the heavy shelling, and the approach of Regime forces.


The source added also that Regime forces far only 4km of the city, after they controlled “Sugar factory” and “Faraya village” in the western countryside, during Regime campaign which started before two weeks to control Maskana city.


For its part, announced the Ministry of Defense of the Syrian government, yesterday, the control of large areas in the countryside of the western city, representing more than 14 villages, in addition to significant losses in equipment and human elements of ISIS regulation.


It is noteworthy that the city of Maskana and its countryside are subjected to daily heavy bombing by the regular and Russian military aircraft on the city and its countryside, which forced hundreds of families to move in towards the Badia and the eastern countryside and to the city of DeirEzzor.


It is noteworthy that the city of Maskana is one of the most important strongholds of ISIS Regulation which remained in the countryside of Aleppo Eastern, which Regime forces seeks to control it through the military campaign launched two weeks ago to control and expel the organization.

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