ISIS progresses southwestern DeirEzzor.

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

The so-called “Caliphates Army” with “Suiciders Team” which belongs to ISIS organization, began a violent attack against Regime barriers and main points of the so-called “National Defence” militias, in (Tal Maboud, Tal Brouk and the rotary of Panorama school) in the borders of DeirEzzor city.

A close to ISIS sources said that: the organization fighters attacked those locations using three vehicle bombs, adds to another number of suiciders whom sneaked to the region heavily, and surprised Regime soldiers there.

As a result of theis battle, ISIS controlled (Panorama region, Tal Snouf which overlooking to the brigade 137) on the other hand Regime and Russian warplanes launched a dozens of air raids, which targeted the Tombs region, Tal Aloush, Tal 17, surroundings of the secureing brigade southern DeirEzzor, trying to stop ISIS progress, and to stop also their suiciders.

With the control of ISIS organization on the “school of panorama rotary and the mound of Sanof”, thus the organization has cut the supply route of the 137th Brigade from the road (DeirEzzor_ Damascus) and remained for the system one way to supply weapons, through Tallaie Camp, this also means the fall of the area from the panorama roundabout and even the university housing, in the hands of the organization.

The neighborhoods of DeirEzzor witnessed intermittent clashes between the militants of ISIS and the regime’s forces. and it is noteworthy that the organization intensified during the last month shelling of residential neighborhoods under the control of the regime (Al-Joura and Al-Qazzour) which caused a large number of martyrs among civilians.

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