New Massacre of IA in Qureya, Death of “Abu Fatema AlAlbany” in Ashara.


“Exclusive” Euphrates Post


Two days ago, the International Alliance warplanes committed a new massacre in the town of “Qouriya” in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor, which killed 9 civilians and wounded others.


According to our correspondent: the Alliance warplanes  targeted a van car carrying 12 civilians all of them of one clan, “Hamad al-Muhammad”, and the raid was near to the main road of Qouriya city, which led to the death of 9 civilians as an initial outcome, including:


“Samer Idris, Hazim Edris, Nuri al-Falah, Ayed Al-Riffadan, Hutter Al-Ramadan, Haj Elias Mohammed Al-Khater, Salem Khalif Al-Badawi, Ali Al-Basha, Nuri Ramadan.


In addition, 6 others were injured, all of them in a critical condition, who were evacuated to medical points while returning from performing a duty of condolence in the village of Tiyana in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor.


The town of Qouriya was hit by a similar incident last month, They drive near the entrance to the eastern city.


In a similar context, the International Alliance forces killed today, a senior leader in ISIS organization and the official in the service office of the southern sector of the city of Ashra in the eastern city.


According to our correspondent, the Alliance warplanes targeted by a guided missile “Abu Fatima al-Albani,” an official in the service office while he was near his house on the street of Muhdatha School within the city.


It is noteworthy that this is the seccond time when the international coalition fighters targeting the elements of the organization individually as they walk within the city.

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