Russian forces are deployed in regime sites


“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

A new news says that Regime forces brought more reinforcements towards one of the military points northern Deraa province, the enhancements are made up of a number of tanks and Russian forces also arrived towrads the ninth squad in “Sanameen” city.

According to our sources the reinforcements included 4 tanks, adds to a number of vehicles and nearby “the 400 roadblock” western Sanameen city, noting that eyewitnesses from Muthbean town said that over 40 cars arrived towards “Driving training camp” western Muthbean town.

And according to what “Ahrar Horan” sayings that: one man saw a Russian car inside the town streets.

And a landmine exploded in a vehicle belonging to the regime forces, which led to the death of a number of the regime forces and the injury of Russian troops during the curfew in the area of Ein Afa on the nearby of the town of Deir al-Adas north of the province of Daraa.

Noteworthy that the cease-fire decision by Russia, the United States and Jordan included the deployment of Russian troops to monitor the success of the agreement.

According to activists, it will not be the task of Russian forces to monitor the cease-fire from the two sides, especially that Russia is the first ally of the regime and therefore if there is control will focus on the factions of the Free Army and do not forget that the past days had seen the violations of the regime and with the support of Russia.

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