Regime fails to advance in the Syrian desert

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post
The regime forces, supported by allied militias, launched an attack on the Free Army control areas in the Syrian Badia, where the attack was carried out from several axes, coinciding with several raids by the Russian jets in the region.
According to the correspondent of the network Euphrates Post: Regime forces carried out the attack from two axes, the first of which comes from the area of AlFakkah and Mahroutha in the depth of the desert, and the second of the countryside of the eastern Swaida in Shaab area near to the Syrian-Jordanian border.
The correspondent said that the attack on the liberated area was violent, especially as the Russian aircraft carried out several raids on the region and the presence of more than one axis tried to progress from the system, but the operations of the “AlArad Lana” was able to repel the attack and to inflict the system losses of lives and equipment, Of the regime and supporting militias, in addition to the destruction of three tanks completely..
Our correspondent pointed out that despite the modest armament of the Free Army compared to the weapons of the regime and militias, the latter did not achieve any progress.
It is worth mentioning that “Al Ard Lana” operations have made progress on the forces of the regime in the past few days and was able to liberate the area of Mahroutha and the Regime suffered losses.

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