” reveals lies and falsehood ” Denial

The ugliest of all this is the attempt by some of these to depict the people who have joined, supported and worked with an advocate over the past years, as the heroes of the resistance defenders of the country against the regime and its aides in a clear forgetting to the fact that they themselves contributed and supported, The ISIS crimes against its own people and its revolution, and thus put the argument of fighting the regime as a pawn to justify other irrational crimes, indicates that it is adopted for this view and “morally damaged” (Baghdadi and Adnani are the first to take up arms against the regime).
What is interesting about this bitter reality is that some of the people around us have not adopted the media system in dealing with events. They have also adopted its terms by launching the term “seduced” by some of their relatives, acquaintances and friends, To justify the crime they have committed for years in this organization.
To these we say: the real media, especially the revolutionary, is what gives the public what it needs and not what it wants, and thus show the reality of the enemy does not mean support. To claim the love of the country, and to tolerate those who have been killed, robbed, oppressed and radicalized. But never tolerate those who tell the truth. This requires moral review, not anything else.

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