Humanitarian Appeal Final Appeal

We are civilians trapped in the Kata Hawija, “a small island in the Euphrates”. We have been attacked for a week by various types of weapons by the Assad regime, which besieges us under the pretext of fighting the ISIS with the participation of the Russian air force. To date, dozens of children, the elderly and women have been killed and injured without any possibility of medical treatment or relief.
We tried to cross into the other bank of the Euphrates River, where the democratic forces-SDF- are based, but the soldiers of the ISIS prevent us from crossing, and the Syrian democratic forces-SDF- offered us no real help except to declare their readiness to receive us if the Euphrates River crossed them. If we do not have any boats or ships to transport children, women, the elderly and the wounded to the other bank, besides that the forces of the Assad regime and Russian aviation are targeting us, in addition to the Snipers of ISIS
that take us as human shields.
We call on the international coalition forces and their forces, civil society organizations and human rights organizations to intervene urgently to evacuate us to the northern bank of the Euphrates River, only 100 meters away, save the lives of hundreds of children and separate them from the death of the awakening of conscience.

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