222 Airstrikes on the eastern Ghouta

The eastern cities and villages of al-Ghouta witnessed during the past few days a major military escalation carried out by the regime on the region, especially after the battle launched by the Free Army factions and control of a number of points, including large areas of vehicle management.

According to the correspondent of “Euphrates Post”, in four days 222 flights were recorded in various villages and towns of the eastern Ghouta, where the city of Harasta with 108 raids, and the city of the MADIRA of 41 raids, in addition to the bombing of a city in 46 raids and other areas, such as Gjober and Zamalek, Duma and Hamuriya.

He pointed to the shelling of these towns more than 1200 artillery shells, stressing the targeting of chlorine gas, especially the city of Harasta, and the fall of 53 cluster rockets distributed in the same areas.

“The medical centers continue to decline in addition to the loss of medicines and necessary treatment, which coincided with the occurrence of a large number of martyrs as a result of the bombing campaigns, which are still being carried out by the regime in most areas, who reached more than 49 martyrs in four days.

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