. Deaths and more than 15 injured in the eastern Ghouta after the treatment of a caustic substance

A number of poisoning cases occurred in Zamaleka city in East Guta, following the sale of food commodities leading to poisoning. The city witnessed many cases of poisoning and serious cases of poisoning, and a number of children were injured.According to the correspondent “Euphrates Post” The people in Zamaleka poisoning after eating a caustic body Leading to the death of the person, has been sold in the city as a salt food, which led to the occurrence of deaths and injuries among families,Where the child died of khetam Alsaleh and Rahma ALsaleh as a result of eating that substance, and the spread of that article as a result of selling as a food salt.In addition, 18 civilians were poisoned and in serious condition. They were transferred to intensive care following the deterioration of the health situation. Medical staff explained that the substance that caused the poisoning is a refined salt and contains a caustic substance with a strong effect on the body.It was then widely spread in the markets as a food salt, causing rapid deployment among civilians in the city of Zemlka.The field activists said that the siege imposed on the people and the lack of food forced them to resort to alternative means of sugar or salt and other foodstuffs without knowing the extent of damage resulting from those materials, and it is necessary to draw the attention of humanitarian organizations to enter the aid to al-Ghouta in sufficient quantities and oversee the distribution by As a means to avoid such risks as much as possible

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